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Building Report

Building inspection involves thorough inspection of the property and reporting.

  Any house will have defects, big or small in accordance with its age, maintenance, type of construction, materials used, workmanship and design. But as a buyer you should know them before so that you can plan your finances.

right home inspection by a right professional with a right attitude will give you a clear picture of what the condition of the house is all about. That is what we promise at Right Home NZ Limited.

   Our inspections are very thorough that it takes about 1.5 to 2 hour.
Our typical inspection includes:

 Site :

 Orientation, exposure, vegetation, driveway, paths, surface water control, fence, retaining wall, steps etc.,


 Ground condition, alteration to structure, ventilation, insulation, plumbing, electrical, pest, moisture intrusion.


 Cladding condition, eaves, fascia, soffit, gutter, downpipes, doors, windows, penetrations, flashings, vents, decks etc.

 Roof Exterior:

 Roof type, material, condition, drainage, flashings, penetrations, vents, chimney, drainage, skylights etc

 Roof Space (Attic):

Alterations, structure condition, moisture intrusion, insulation, pest, fire wall, plumbing, electrical, clearance, ventilation etc


Surfaces material, condition, windows, doors, stairs, kitchen counters, plumbing leaks, moisture intrusion around risky areas, shower, vanity, laundry, garage etc


Visible pipe material, leaks, water heater, drainage blocks as observed from sink and shower.


 Switchboard type, cable type, recommendations

 Ancillary Spaces

Out buildings, garages, carports etc.
Our reports are quite comprehensive explaining each defect and the recommendation with photos. All the aspects are covered as per the standard NZS4306:2005. Click here to book your inspection.


During the course of Residential Property Inspection, moisture testing procedures will be undertaken around high risk areas and places of common fault. Any moisture concentrations detected during this inspection will be included within the report. We use TroTec T660 the latest, state of the art, non-invasive moisture meter to perform our mositure testing.


We perform Infrared Thermography during our inspection where required, which in conjunction with moisture meter helps to better identify any moisture intrusion and thermal anomalies. We use state of the art FLIR IR camera. (Conditions favouring)


When needed / ordered, we use our drone camera to inspect the high roofs and for tight subfloor spaces, we use crawling robot camera. (conditions permitting) 

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