Buying a home is probably the costliest venture we make in our personal life. It involves a huge sum of money, usually borrowed from a bank and we work almost our effective lifetime to pay back the mortgage. It involves the whole family and it is vital to get it done right. It is vital to ensure your peace of mind with your new house purchase.  

Any house will have defects, big or small in accordance with its age, maintenance, type of construction, materials used, workmanship and design. But as a buyer you should know them before. Many times we hear buyers saying “If I don’t buy it , someone else will”. It is the same scenario when you justify yourself driving at a over speed seeing other cars at that speed. You wouldn’t know when they pay their penalty. Are you ready for it?

  A right home inspection by a right professional with a right attitude will give you a clear picture of what the condition of the house is all about. That is what we promise at Right Home NZ Limited. Right Home NZ Limited helps you buy the right home and assure your peace of mind with our right services.

Even though we perform a thorough inspection which takes around 2 hours on average, our charges are very reasonable, from just $399 onwards.  

Our typical inspection includes

Site :
Orientation, exposure, vegetation, driveway, paths, surface water control, fence, retaining       wall, steps etc.,

Ground condition, alteration to structure, ventilation, insulation, plumbing, electrical, pest, moisture intrusion

Cladding condition, eaves, fascia, soffit, gutter, downpipes, doors, windows, penetrations, flashings, vents, decks etc

Roof Exterior:
Roof type, material, condition, drainage, flashings, penetrations, vents, chimney, drainage, skylights etc

Roof Space (Attic):
Alterations, structure condition, moisture intrusion, insulation, pest, fire wall, plumbing, electrical, clearance, ventilation etc

Surfaces material, condition, windows, doors, stairs, kitchen counters, plumbing leaks, moisture intrusion around risky areas, shower, vanity, laundry, garage etc

Visible pipe material, leaks, water heater, drainage blocks as observed from sink and shower.

Switchboard type, cable type, recommendations

Ancillary Spaces

Our reports are quite comprehensive explaining each defect and the recommendation with photos. All the aspects are covered as per the standard NZS4306:2005. Click here to book your inspection.

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