Asbestos in ceiling


Asbestos in ceiling

Textured coating in ceiling of a 1962 house is suspected to contain Asbestos. Sample taken and sent to […]


Leaking shower trap

During subfloor inspection, leak observed from the shower trap which is soaking the bearer and joists wet and […]


Roof Leak

Wet batten near roof ridge caused by roof leaks.


Leaking Window

A house where all the windows were leaking at mitre corners, detected by moisture meter.


Roof Rust

Cracks found all over the Lead flashing on the ridge. When lifted, the roof is found heavily rusted.


Clearance Issue

The EIFS cladding is touching hard against the tile floor which is a moisture intrusion issue.


Hot Spot on wall

Infra red camera caught a hot spot on the wall which is suspected to be a missing insulation. […]


Improper Cladding Penetration

The gate and lock is fixed directly on the EIFS cladding. This is a serious water penetration problem. […]


Flashing problem

Kick out flashing is not provided at the junction of the roof end and wall. This is a […]


Improper Roof Repair

There is an attempted repair to the rust damage on the roof with silicon. The ceiling under the spot is […]


Plumbing leak

Infra red photo taken below the vanity infers cold spot which is conformed by moisture meter. The wall […]


Cut Roof Truss

Roof truss was cut to accommodate the fireplace chimney which is later removed and the roof is repaired. […]