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Note: We will review your booking and call you to confirm within a working day. We will email you the “Letter Of Engagement” (agreement) with the agreed Terms & Conditions, for you to sign and return before commencing inspection. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE PROPERTY INSPECTION
  1. The inspection conducted by Right Home NZ Limited pursuant to this Agreement is based on a VISUAL, NON-INVASIVE examination of the readily accessible features of the property AT THE TIME OF INSPECTION only. The inspection performed is in accordance with the NZS4306: 2005 Residential Property Inspection Standard and is not technically exhaustive.
  1. The purpose of the inspection is to assess the general condition of the building based on the limited visual inspection described in the inspection report and may not identify all past, present or future defects. The descriptions in the report of systems or appliances relate to their existence only and not adequacy or life expectancy. Any area or component of the building or any item or system not specifically identified in this report as having been inspected was excluded from the scope of the inspection.
  1. The inspection report provided after the inspection is an opinion of the present condition of the building. The inspection report is prepared with all reasonable care and skill, subject to the limitations contained herein. The inspection report is limited to the physical evidence that was visually accessible at the time of the inspection. While it is emphasized on identifying major problems, some minor problems may be identified, but an all-inclusive list of deficiencies is not provided, nor intended. The report will not include a description of all the systems and quotation for repairs is not within the scope of the inspection.
  1.  The inspection and inspection report excludes and does not intend to cover any areas, items, or conditions, which by their nature are concealed, not accessible, not visible, not conveniently located, cosmetically altered, otherwise difficult to inspect, or require relocation, removal or displacement of any material, object or thing. The inspection does not include identifying defects that are hidden behind walls, floors and ceilings, including but not limited to, wiring, structure, plumbing, and insulation that is hidden or inaccessible. You must provide sufficient access to complete the Inspection and the Inspector will not move any object or furniture for access.
  1. Right Home NZ Limited will decide on the minimum safe access required in respect of property and as a guide the usual minimum access requirements (as per NZS4306: 2005) are as follows:
Roof interior:  450 x 400 mm  man hole, 600 x 600 mm crawl space, accessible from a 3.6 m ladder Sub floor manhole 500 x 400* mm  *Vertical clearance: Timber floor: 400 mm, Concrete floor: 500 mm (Underside of bearer) Roof exterior:  Access from a 3.6 m ladder With multi-unit properties, Right Home NZ Limited will only inspect the interior and readily accessible parts of the exterior.  
  1.  The inspection and inspection report may not include intermittent problems or conditions which are not apparent at the time of inspection, for example, including but not limited to, leaks that occur only during certain weather conditions, or when a specific tap or appliance is being used in everyday life.
  1. The inspection and inspection report excludes and does not intend to cover swimming pools, whirl pools, spas, hot tubs, saunas, wells, water potability, septic systems, tennis courts, playground equipment, out-buildings of any kind other than detached garages, air conditioners, or household appliances including but not limited to the kitchen, leisure and laundry equipment. Also excluded are all fixtures and cosmetic conditions such as rugs, painting and wallpapering.
  1. The inspection and inspection report is not intended, or is to be considered, as an insurance policy, guarantee, warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including any implied warranty or fitness for use, regarding the condition of the property, buildings, items contained in the building, structural, mechanical and systems inspected and it should not be relied upon as such.
  1. This property report does not include the structural, electrical, plumbing or gas piping and fitting, ventilation and home heating state of the premises which require special purpose inspection by the respective specialists. We only comment on the visual existence and external visual defects where observed, of the above items. Their operation, adequacy or life expectancy is out of scope of this inspection. Only representative number of power outlets and light switches are tested as per the requirement of the inspection standard.
  1.  The quality of indoor air and the presence of irritants, pollutants, contaminants, toxic materials or organisms (e.g. mold, mildew), gases, asbestos and Methamphetamine are not within the scope of this inspection.
  1. The Client is advised to participate in the inspection for better understanding of the property and they shall be at their own risk for injuries, property damages, or any other damages during inspection.
  1. The inspection report does not take into account eligibility or compliance for mortgage, insurance, building or home owner’s insurance. The inspection report does not cover compliance with any building related legislation such as and not limited to Building Act, Building code, Legal title, Building warrant of fitness, compliance schedule, Building Consent or Resource Consent.
  1.  The Client requests this inspection and inspection report for their exclusive, confidential use only. No use of the information presented in this report by any other party is intended. The Agreement, any interest herein or claims hereunder including those for money or payment shall not be transferred or assigned by the Client. The information provided in the inspection report will be the client’s property solely for this transaction.
  1. If any provision of this Agreement is determined to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, such invalidity or un enforceability shall attach only to such provision or part thereof and the remaining part of such provision and all other provisions hereto shall continue in full force and effect. Should any dispute arise as a result of the inspection or inspection report, it must be submitted to RIGHT HOME NZ LIMITED in writing immediately. The Client agrees that in the event of a dispute, the contents of the Inspection Report may not be used to satisfy any terms of a sale and purchase agreement until the disagreement / dispute has been resolved. The Client agrees that, if after raising a dispute, the Client uses the inspection or Inspection Report to make an unconditional offer or confirm a sale and purchase agreement, the Client shall be deemed to have waived all rights to continue with the dispute, and/or raise any future dispute or claim against RIGHT HOME NZ LIMITED. The client further agrees that with the exception of emergency conditions, client, or clients agents, employees or independent contractors will make no alteration, modification, or repairs to the claimed discrepancy prior to a re-inspection by the inspector. Client understands and agrees that any failure to notify the inspector as stated above shall constitute a waiver of any and all claims for said failure to accurately report the condition in question. 
  1. The inspection and inspection report are provided on an “opinion only” basis. Right Home NZ Limited assumes no liability or responsibility for the cost of repair or replacing any reported and /or unreported defects or conditions. The Client agrees that the maximum aggregate liability of the inspector or Right Home NZ Limited for this inspection shall be limited to the amount of the inspection fee agreed to in this Agreement. Right Home NZ Limited will have no liability for any claim or complaint if conditions have been disturbed, altered, repaired, replaced or otherwise changed before Right Home NZ Limited have had a reasonable amount of time to investigate the claim or complaint. The Client understands that this inspection report cannot accurately or completely assess risk, detect all flaws, predict all occurrences or make assurances. The inspection report is valid for 90 days from the date of report.
  1. Surface moisture readings will be taken around risky internal areas using non-invasive capacitance moisture meter which are indicative values only. Inspection of actual moisture intrusion and the extent of damage can only be done by invasive / destructive methods which are part of a special purpose weather tightness report. This inspection is not a weather tightness report.
  1.  While this inspection service is covered by Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance from Dual New Zealand Limited, underwriters at Lloyd’s, coverage does not extend to any building found to be suffering from leak issues as a result of exterior weather tightness / moisture ingress concerns


  • The inspector identified few important problems in the house. Got a clear picture. I bought the house. Will repair them soon. Report is very detailed. Thanks for the service.
  • Very detailed inspection, checked all the nook and corner. Took photos of the second floor roof with the drone camera which was very exciting. Would strongly recommend to others.
  • Good service. Highly recommended. A++
  • The inspection was very thorough and the report is detailed. Inspector’s hard work appreciated.
  • I had experience with house inspectors in the past. Sam is the best of all. Very professional & competitive too.
  • Right Home did the job right. They identified the house I wanted to buy as a leaky home. Saved me. Thank you guys.